Breeding Stallion Testimonials

Dont Even Listen To Us ! Listen to What Others Say About RDL Stallions and their Foals

I have been standing stallions for 26 years and your stallions have the best temperament I have ever seen. Breeding farm owner who trained us to collect our stallions

I judge a lot of horses and forget most by the next day. I will not be forgetting your stallions any time soon. International USEF judge regarding Saltador and Dardanos

I cant believe you were able to purchase this treasure (Persiles). He is so well balanced and you can pick out his foals at a glance. Revision Official from Spain

These are the best foals our mares have ever produced! Owner of Texas Mares

I just want to tell you, this is the best horse at the national show!  Spanish judge at Saltador's first national show.

 There arent enough adjectives to describe these fillies. Beautiful, friendly, outgoing, intelligent, inquisitive, problem solvingTo complete the overall package, their conformation and movement are outstanding. Ohio owner of thoroughbred mare from the legendary Secretariat

I have never seen an Andalusian move like this. Most horses have two good gaits and one that you hope the judge doesnt care much about. All 3 gaits of his gaits are outstanding.

USDF Hall of Fame and Olympic judge on Saltador as her Grand Champion Dressage Sport Horse in open show

Wow, you guys are breeding some great horses. I just knew that they were related when I saw them individually in the earlier classes.

Judge, reviewing 3 P.R.E. full sisters in Get of Sire class at show

I have handled a lot of Andalusians in California and have to say what impresses me the most about the horses out of your stud is their minds. I am working with 2 right now and they both show a lot of sense. I get a lot of comments on both. Trainer with experience on both East Coast and West Coast

You are to be commended importing such an excellent stallion. (Persiles) Trainer/Owner of Swedish Warmblood mare (Olympic lines) in Pacific NW

I participated in a Juan Manual Munoz Dias clinic over the weekend. He selected Paloma, daughter from Rancho del Lago, to ride on the 3rd day. I have been on a cloud ever since!

From owner in NY (the Horse Whisperer was filmed partially at their ranch)

Thank you for all you have done for the Spanish horse. So generous with your time and energy bringing new people to our breed and keeping old friends part of our extended family. Your breeding farm is obviously Top Tier!!  Congratulations!! One of the Grand Dams in the Breed, CA

Normally I only evaluate a semen sample for 48 hrs. But the sample was good for 5 days. This is a super stallion! Manager at international breeding laboratory

There is something incredibly special about breeders who have bred over 300 foals yet take the personal time and interest to visit those babies every so often! Judy and Walter Hensleeyour passion is inspirational.  Breeder in Virginia

Congratulations again on your very impressive wins at Nationals. You have good eyes for horses and pedigrees and the results are terrific! 

President of the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse

Im looking for movement.  Its hard to find and your breeding program seems to have it.  Dressage competitor and trainer from Montana where the movie Buck was filmed

Oh my goodness; a breeding dose of one billion swimmers for this stallion is only 8 ccs.

Southwest Stallion Station evaluating the semen of Inolvidable RDL

Once, Saltador and his offspring made up the entire Sport Horse championship field at an open USDF show under the USDF Sport Horse Committee Chair, Kristi Wysocki (stallions, mares, geldings, youngsters).

Cyndi from Houston

“ I  just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for all you do for me.  Your invaluable advice and wealth of knowledge, your time, your kindness. Thanks so much.

Raechel from San Antonio

“She is such a good girl!!!! Christopher Henslee did a fabulous job raising her and Ruperto at Walter Henslee and Judy Henslee did an amazing job starting her under saddle!!!! We're going to have so much fun together!!!!

Jessica from Houston

“This amazing horse has done everything I have ever asked her to do. Dressage? Sure thing. Hunter/jumper? No problem. Halter? Sporthorse in hand? You got it. Even birthday party pony! She is smart, gentle, sweet, sensitive, talented, and gives the best kisses! So thankful to Judy Henslee and Walter Henslee at Rancho del Lago for producing such a wonderful PRE mare. I love my pony!”

Vicki from Texas Coast

“… to my many friends in South Africa and Europe…She has excellent movement, perfect conformation , and wonderful

temperament. So happy and proud of Preciosa. She is a perfect example of the quality breeding of Walter Henslee and 

Judy Henslee at Ranch Del Lago.  Deva from Austin, owner of multiple National Champion mare sired by Magico out of Saltador sister

“Rancho Del Lago produces some of the best Andalusian horses in the world. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Jessica from Houston

Everyone says how smart Gitana is and what wonderful manners that she has. Even Meredith, who is 6 years old, can sit on her 

and walk her around with no problem. Gitana is very intuitive and knows when to take it easy and walk slowly around the kids and 

when to pick up the pace when Mom gets on her!” 

Lisa from Magnolia

 “Just sending a note to let you know that Jara is doing great!  She is settling in nicely, and Pam says she is learning very fast.  

 I hope to start training on her very soon, maybe in a couple of more weeks.  I've watched her under Pam and she is gorgeous!   Wonderful movement!” 

Sheri from Santa Fe.

“I love this horse more than any horse I have ever owned. He is a true gift of God. I cannot thank you enough

 for the extraordinary opportunity of being part of this animals life.”

Candace from Texas

“I came to Rancho Del Lago to photograph their horses.  I had no intention of buying one.  But this mare, heavy with foal, stood in the morning light like a vision or a dream.  Later I did dream of her, and then I knew, she was supposed to be mine.”

Sian from Washington

“Congrats on your wonderful herd.  I know that angels sent me to the right source for horses.  The consistent beauty your horses exhibit is evident.” 

Jenny from Holland

“Thanks you so much for those two dream horses.  I am over the moon.” 

Pat from Colorado

“Koko and I are totally partners. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have her in my life. Your hospitality was heartwarming, as was your true and genuine love for your horses and your farm. It does the heart good to know that the forever horse I found has come from such a loving environment.” 

Robert and Glenda from Central Tx

“If we ever purchase another horse, it will be from Rancho Del Lago.”